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The Clans of Scotland: Wild Scots?

The Clans of Scotland: Wild Scots?

The Clans & Diana Gabaldon Want to write a novel set in Scotland? A New York Times bestseller?? How about a series? Scottish stories are wildly popular after the successful novels of Diana Gabaldon: Outlander, Fly in Amber, Voyager, followed by six more huge books which tell the adventures and trials of Jamie Fraser and Claire.   Gabaldon placed her story in the mid-18th century at the end of the ‘clan system’ in the Scottish Highlands. Her characters bravely fought the last of the Jacobite rebellions. In this course you…

Course: Celtic Mythology

Course: Celtic Mythology

Celtic Love of Nature The ancient Celts believed that all things, animate and inanimate, possessed a spirit. Mountains, hills and trees were manly; rivers and meadows were feminine. The Celts knew that spirits watched their every move. So any action was carefully considered because of the effect it might have on their destiny. Ogham, the first Gaelic alphabet, was based mostly on the names of trees and bushes. A reverence for nature passed gently to Celtic Christianity. Celtic Myth & Legend Then there was the tough side of…

Scottish Highlands 1500-1800

Scottish Highlands 1500-1800

Swinging Kilts & Claymores!  Everyone the world over recognises the heroic figure of the Scottish Highlander. But you have to wonder how that distinctive clothing evolved. You might assume that the society of the people who wore it was quite different from the Scottish Lowlands, England or any other European country. And you would be right. In the Scottish Highlands, serial marriage was as common before 1700 as it was in northern Europe before 1200. Highlanders still raided Lowland cattle in the 1600s and 1700s. Lowlanders did not…

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Possible Courses in the Future

Ancient Celts                                                     Celtic Mythology    

Druids                                                                Celtic (Gaelic) Church                               

Roman Britain                                                   Fairies

Picts & Scots                                                      The Wars of the Three Kingdoms

Lords of the Isles                                               The Jacobite Rebellions

The Wars of Independence (Scotland)           Emigration

Medieval Ireland                                               Victorian England

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