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claymore broadsword and targe or shield (targaid)

Scottish Highlands: Weapons

The Highland Charge Alasdair MacColla MacDonald is credited with developing the Highland charge in Ulster in 1642 and introduced it to Scotland in 1644 during…

Earsaid clothing of Highland Women

Highland Women: Clothing

Martin Martin was a gentleman from the Isle of Skye who wrote a book called The Description of the Western Isles of Scotland about 1695. He was…

vintage fairy flying

Just what is a fairy?

Broadly speaking, a fairy is a being of human form with magical powers, a being who loves to intervene in human affairs. They are good,…

Drawing of Castle Muirn

Castle Muirn

The image gives a wonderful idea of what a typical castle might look like in the 17th century. The artist is Stiùbhart Jackson who comes…