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Dover Castle

Dover Castle is perhaps the most impressive of the real castles, a defensive structure used for defense as late as World War II.

Callainn – New Year

Midway through winter is the celebration of New Year’s. Oidhche Challainn (New Year’s Eve) is the beginning of the new year and Latha Challainn is New Year’s Day.

A reconstructed West Highland galley or birlinn of the 17th century

The West Highland Galley

Viking Heritage: The West Highland Galley / A’ Bhirlinn From the fury of the Northmen, O Lord, preserve us! The frightened plea of the Christian…

MacSuibhne's Feast showing a chief, his wife and retinue being entertained by a poet to harp accompaniment

Poets: The Curries

Who were the Curries? In the Scottish Highlands, people could make an excellent from composing poetry in Gaelic. The Currie dynasty of poets were the…

Viking ships in a 12th century manuscript

Origins of the Vikings

Were the Vikings the worst plunderers of churches? Were they the axe-wielding murderers of innocent monks? Along with all that, they are remembered for their…