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Novels of the Scottish Highlands

Sky and sea and earth tingling with magic

Cover of The Banshee of Castle Muirn by Sheila Currie
Becoming a Banshee

The Banshee of Castle Muirn

“You will become a banshee,” said the Wise Woman. “Your people need your powers.”

Shona Campbell, the daughter of a Scottish chief, is told she must marry a Lowlander with a need for her dowry and a taste for cruelty. She could become a powerful banshee and be shunned by everyone in the glen. Or she could accept the help of a MacDonald, her clan’s traditional enemy and be shunned by every Campbell in Argyll. Must she learn the magic of the banshee to save her clan from the Lowland suitor and his soldiers? Can she suppress her strong feelings for the handsome MacDonald?


–This book is a heady mix of historical realism, Celtic myth, and such great world building and characters that you can’t put it down.

–The Banshee of Castle Muirn plunges readers into the seventeenth century Scottish highlands. Rich in imagery, replete with feuds, magic, and forbidden romance, it is the story of Shona Campbell and Alasdair MacDonald.

–The Banshee of Castle Muirn is a romantic fantasy steeped in Celtic lore. Currie skillfully drew me into the story with a rich setting, twisting myth, legend and historical detail into a magnificent crucible for love. 

Cover of Banshee of Ben Caledon by Sheila Currie
The Journey across Scotland

The Banshee of Ben Caledon

“You will hide among the herders of Clan Donald and, if you are indeed lucky, you may reach Edinburgh to warn of treachery,” said the Wise Woman. “I saw it through the stone.”

Shona Campbell, a banshee, refuses to use her fairy powers. No slicing. No dicing. No fairy arrows for her. And especially no exploding iron. Ignorant of her abilities, Alasdair MacDonald loves her and helps her escape the Highlands. Disguised as a herd boy she trudges behind many a cow’s bum to reach Edinburgh to warn her father about a conspiracy against Charles I. But her unwanted suitor and his soldiers pursue them and, at the risk of losing Alasdair’s love, she may be forced to to use her magic powers.

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Warriors of the Word –Scottish Highlands

Warriors of the Word –Scottish Highlands

Sheila CurrieOctober 27, 20202 min read

Interesting title. Warriors of the Word is a book about Scottish Highlanders. Weren’t they more interested in swords than words or books? Who were these wordy warriors anyway? The most honoured members of Gaelic society, that is, of the Highland…

A Rousing Song of the  1745 Rebellion

A Rousing Song of the 1745 Rebellion

Sheila CurrieOctober 21, 20205 min read

The Outlander Insider ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ had a public relations manager during the Rebellion of 1745. Alas he does not appear in the Outlander novels. To English-speaking people he was Alexander MacDonald, but he was Alasdair mac Mhaighstir Alasdair to Highlanders, Scottish…

Galloglasses: Knights in Shining Armour?

Galloglasses: Knights in Shining Armour?

Sheila CurrieSeptember 10, 20206 min read

On the website Undiscovered Scotland there are two photos of West Highland tombstones. The captions say they are knights. Were there knights in shining armour in the Highlands? Immediately some might think of tournaments with knights charging each other on…

Scottish Highlands: Weapons

Scottish Highlands: Weapons

Sheila CurrieAugust 14, 202011 min read

The Highland Charge Alasdair MacColla MacDonald is credited with developing the Highland charge in Ulster in 1642 and introduced it to Scotland in 1644 during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, known as the English Civil War in British history.…

Highland Dress 17th Century

Highland Dress 17th Century

Sheila CurrieJuly 16, 20207 min read

Highland Dress of the Seventeenth Century On a trip to Italy many years ago, a half dozen Canadian scouts wore kilts. They were amazed at the reaction to their uniform. Italians aren’t shy about staring — they tripped over curbs,…


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