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The following courses are offered through a chapter of Romance Writers of Amercia, but anyone may register for them.

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March 2018

Scottish Highlands 1500-1800

September 2018 

Medieval Ireland 1100 - 1600

January 2019

Celtic Mythology 

April 2019

Richard the Lionheart & the Crusades

Medieval fans, this is the course for you! 'Richard I and the Third Crusade' focusses on the High Middle Ages, in particular the fifty years before and after the Third Crusade. Inspired by the tales of King Arthur, the Chanson de Roland and Guillaume d' Orange, the young Richard learned to ride and use sword and lance.

He was also a patron of troubadours, and composed his own songs in French and Occitans, the language of Aquitaine, his mother's duchy.

The Third Crusade resulted from the capture of Jerusalem by Saladin (Salah ad-Din), a Kurd from what is now Iraq, who destroyed the army of the Christian king of Jerusalem in 1187. The Church proclaimed the crusade and imbued knighthood with purpose: to save the Holy Land. The leaders were Frederick Barbarossa, Richard the Lionheart and King Philippe of France. Was Richard really a great warrior as his legend suggests? Find out!

 So much of what we imagine of the Middle Ages was created in this period. The 'cutting edge' technology of the era resulted in improvements to armour and castles in Europe. You will learn the architecture and functions of the greatest castles (and be quite disappointed with Hollywood 'castles').

 A substantial bibliography and webology will be included in the class, and ideas for stories given as well as simple research projects. Discussion and questions are encouraged, but lurkers are welcome.   


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