Celtic Languages

Note: Modern Celtic languages are divided into two groups:

The Goidelic:                                        Country spoken:


Irish Gaelic — Gaeilge                          Ireland — Eire    

Scottish Gaelic — Gàidhlig                   Scotland — Alba

Manx  — Gailick                                   Isle of Man – Ellan                     

(died out 20th century)                              Vannin


The Brythonic:

Welsh – Cymreig                                    Wales — Cymru 

Breton – Breizhoneg                               Brittany (France) — Breizh

Cornish – Kernewek                               Cornwall — Kernow

(died out 18th century, but revived)  

Someone who speaks a Brythonic language like Welsh cannot understand a person who speaks Gaelic, but the Gaels of Ireland and Scotland can understand each other with some difficulty.

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